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Month Book and Shadwear

At the end of the month each Shad will receive a month book. This is like a year-book but we are only here for a month… hence month book! Given the number of digital photographs that are taken, this committee will organize the photos (routinely!) and produce a month book filled with memories and lots of places for SHADs to sign. Photo sharing will be done with the Shad Speak and Media Committee.

In addition, this committee is in charge of creating new ShadWear (e.g. T-shirts, sweatshirts or other gear) that we will have as a memento for the month! The committee will design and order the Shadwear.

Shad Speak and Media

Throughout the month, Shads will be delivering their Shad Speak! This committee is responsible for keeping a schedule of Shad Speaks, introducing Shads, and keeping time during Shad Speaks.

This committee also maintains the Shad Carleton website, updates the blog and photos and prepares a highlights slideshow, video or both! Check out the amazing video that Shads from this committee produced during SHAD Carleton 2016 here:

Tunnel Mural

If you go into the tunnels from the residence and walk just pass the turn off to the Minto Center you will see the tunnel murals for SHAD Carleton from previous years. In fact, many Carleton students learn about the SHAD program by walking by the tunnel murals. They ask…WHAT IS THIS SHAD THING? This committee designs and creates the mural for this year’s program. Pick up your creative hat and brush and memorialize SHAD by putting your mark on the Carleton tunnels!

Cultural Night

Shads are a geographically and culturally diverse group! The Cultural Night committee organizes a gala night to celebrate our diversity!  Cultural night includes language, music, dance and cultural sharing from the Shad community. Oh, and don’t forget the cultural food! The Cultural Night committee members then move on to help the Open Day/Banquet/or Variety Show committee after Cultural Night is done.

Open Day

For Open Day SHAD Carleton will proudly display the various activities and accomplishments from the month (e.g., Biotiles, posters of favorite activities, camping, workshops, recreation, design boot camp, etc.), including the phenomenal DE projects you will have created. During this day guests from Carleton and the Ottawa community, as well as family members of Shads, are invited to come to see what a great month we had.

Shad Banquet

This committee is dedicated to organizing our final banquet on the last evening of the program, which is formal dinner (and reception). This is a major event, which will include many high profile SHAD International guests, SHAD Carleton guests, and very importantly, the parents of Shads! (Oh, and the Shads, of course!)

Coffee Houses and Variety Show

The Coffee House and Variety show committee organizes the Coffee Houses that are held twice during the program. Coffee Houses are evening programs where Shads have an opportunity to perform for the community. Music, comedy, dance, improv, juggling, yoyo tricks, anything goes! A variety show occurs on the last evening of the program right after the Banquet and members of the greater SHAD Carleton community are invited.

Experience setting up sound and music equipment is an asset in this committee.