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Banquet Committee

The SHAD Banquet is a celebration of all that you have learned, accomplished and experienced over the course of the month. It is a time to celebrate family and friendships, to reflect and remember the funny moments, the challenges, the lessons and the highlights of SHAD Carleton. This is a major event, which will include many high profile guests, families and friends of Shads, and of course, all of you! The Banquet includes a formal dinner and reception, and the Banquet Committee is dedicated to the planning and organizing of this event.  The committee is responsible for choosing a menu, writing and sending out invitations, selling tickets, and setting up and making decorations. If you are organized, enjoy event planning, or if you are creative and crafty, then this is the committee for you!

Task List:

  • Obtain meal options from Accommodations Services and select a menu option
  • Assemble a VIP guest list (help from Erin)
  • Write and design e-mail invitations.
  • Send open invitations to parents and families of Shads
  • Keep track of ticket sales (with help from Hannah and Divin)
  • Confirm numbers for attendance
  • Create decorations and table centerpieces
  • Make a setting chart and table assignments
  • Submit requisition for budget and materials


Open Day Committee

SHAD Open Day will take place on the last full day of SHAD in the afternoon before the SHAD Banquet. The event is intended for the SHADs to show off and proudly display all that they have accomplished and experienced over the course of the month. Friends, families and guests will have the opportunity to explore campus, to view your phenomenal DE projects, to hear stories, see pictures and to learn about a day in the life of a SHAD participant. Open Day guests will include those from Carleton and the Ottawa community, as well as family members of Shads. If you are organized, and enjoy event planning, leading tours and telling stories, then this committee is for you!

Tasks List:

  • Escort dignitaries and VIP guests around open day site
  • Arrange fo rfood and refreshments
  • Compose and send out invitations (with help from Erin)
  • Decorate Leeds to welcome guests
  • Set up project tables
  • Plan and conduct campus tours for guests


Cultural Night Committee:

SHADs come from all over Canada, and from a global collection of cultural and ethnic and religious groups. At SHAD, and in Canada, we celebrate diversity and acceptance, and cherish the opportunity to learn about the life experiences and cultures of others. The role of the Cultural Night Committee is to organize a night where SHADs can showcase something from their culture. Cultural demonstrations can be a performance, a game, a speech, sharing a new language, demonstration of a cultural artifact or sharing of cultural food. The event’s schedule will be totally up to the SHADs on the committee. If you are organized, enjoy event planning, and enjoy celebrating and learning about different cultures then this committee is for you!

Tasks List:

  • Organize event sign up list
  • Encourage all Shads or staff to sign up
  • Come up with event schedule and performance list
  • Organize menu and prepare food
  • Request specific items to be bought (decorations, food etc.)
  • Set up and clean up before and after the event


Tunnel Mural Painting Committee

The tunnel murals are a unique aspect of the Carleton campus and decorate the tunnels that connect Carleton campus underground. Down under the residences are a row of SHAD themed murals and every year SHAD gets to makes their mark and paint their own mural in the tunnels. The tunnel mural captures the attention of Carleton students and staff who walk the tunnels and wonder what SHAD really is. The role of this committee is to paint a mural worth a 1000 words, or 27 days’ worth of stories and memories.  The committee will design and paint the mural. It is important that you start the process right away, as this is one of the most time pressing committees. You can walk down the row of murals to gather some inspiration and let the creative juices flow. Some advice is to stay realistic – you only have a few painting sessions and an allotted amount of time to paint. Make sure that you stay within the given dimensions, and use a grid and graph paper to map your design with pencil first. If you are creative and crafty, enjoy painting and visual arts then this is the committee for you!

Task List: 

  • Propose full mural design and have approved by Hannah
  • Option to poll all SHADs about the design or keep it a surprise
  • Get painting!! Remember you don’t have much time!


Coffee House and Variety Show Planning Committee

SHADs are all so talented! Every one of you come to SHAD with unique talents that we would love for you to share. From extraordinary musical abilities, to poetry and song writing, stand-up comedy, yo-yo, or being able to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, we want to see what you’ve got! The role of the Coffee House and Variety Show Planning Committee is to organize two casual Coffee Houses over the course of the month as well as the formal Variety Show presentation following the banquet. If you are organized, enjoy creating setlists, are able to manage AV equipment (or want to learn!) and enjoy event planning then this is the committee for you!

Task List:

  • Encourage SHADs to sign up for to perform at the shows
  • Confirm the content of each act and have it approved
  • Design a set list and schedule for the event, and keep track of time
  • Organize a snack menu
  • MC the event
  • Gather decorations and supplies needed (submit requests to Hannah or Divin)
  • Set up and take down before and after the events
  • Optional: Choose a theme for each Coffee House, for example one year the coffee house theme was Christmas in July and everyone sang Christmas songs.


SHADwear Committee

Every year SHADs get the option to purchase a Shad souvenir. It could be t-shirts, sweatshirts or other gear. The Shadwear committee is in charge selecting and designing a memento for the month. Get creative in your design and come up with something cool for SHADs to wear back home. The SHADwear committee is responsible for deciding what the souvenir will be, for coming up with a design, collecting order forms and money, as well as placing the order.

Task List:

  • Chose souvenir item
  • Come up with design, have design approved by Hannah
  • Collect money
  • Place order
  • Distribute Shadwear to Shads


Month Book Committee

At the end of the month each Shad will receive a month book, similar to a yearbook, however we are only at SHAD for a month. In collaboration with the Media committees this committee will organize photos and produce a month book filled with memories and places for Shads to sign. If you are crafty and creative, enjoy taking and organizing photos, enjoy photoshop or have year book experience at your school (or want to learn!) this is the committee for you!

Task List:

  • Take, share and gather photos
  • Assemble month book
  • Print and order month book
  • Distribute month book to Shads and Staff.


Social Media and Communications Committee

Are you social media savvy? Can you summarize your day to day life in 140 characters or less? Do you enjoy website design or blogging? If you answered yes to any of these questions than this is the committee for you! The Social Media Committee is responsible for sharing our SHAD experience with the outside world. You will take pictures, have access to the SHAD Carleton Instagram and Twitter pages and have the ability to edit our website. Be sure to share your photos and encourage everyone to follow us @ShadCarleton.

Task Descriptions:

  • Take and share photos
  • Consult media release forms and have all posts approved by Erin or Hannah before sharing
  • Mange Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Write short blogs to be posted on website
  • Update Shad Carleton Website

**Note: It is important to note that you are representing the SHAD Carleton, SHAD Central and Carleton University communities. All posts must be appropriate and be approved by Hannah or Erin.


SHAD Experience Committee

A lot of crazy, fun and cool things happen at SHAD. Time flies and sometimes you find yourself so busy that your despite your best efforts you can’t seem to remember the funny joke you laughed at other day, the cool physics fact you heard during lecture, or even what you just ate for lunch. We hope that SHAD will be the best 27 days of your life so far. We don’t want you to forget any of it! We want you to look around you, feel the awe, celebrate others, and so much more! The role of the SHAD Experience Committee is to create weekly summaries and presentations for Sunday Night Reflections. The committee will take photos, videos, and take jot notes of the weekly events. The committee will then create a skit, slide show, video or multimedia presentation etc. to present to the group every Sunday. The purpose of this committee is to celebrate each other and to remind Shads of all that they have accomplished so far. If you enjoy taking photos, writing in a journal, creating slide shows or editing videos then this is the committee for you!

Task List:

  • Take photos and videos of SHADs during the week
  • Take notes of funny memories or events that happened during the day
  • Prepare a presentation for Sunday Reflections (slide show or video)
  • Collaborate with the Social Media and Month Book Committee

**Note: It is important to note that this committee is for internal media sharing only, and created content is only for the SHAD Carleton community. Anything that you would like to be shared externally must go through the Social Media and Communications Committee and be approved by Hannah or Erin.

In past years this committee has also created some AMAZING videos that are posted publicly. See the 2016 SHAD Carleton video: