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Shad Speaks Presentations

SHAD Student Description
Megan Scarlett The speech explored the relationship between nature and nurture, and how our genes and the environment interact to produce traits throughout our lives. It also looked into epigenetics, and how it fits into the nature vs nurture debate.
Justin Chong-Kit My speech was aimed to inform the audience on facts and debates surrounding genetically modified foods, and any controversies that surround this topic.
Jess Muir Driverless cars and how they’ll change industries
Kim Mir-Shokraei How an international movie director connected me to taboo topics and opening conversation about said topics in my family
Matthew Roome The speech covered the overall successes of the Newfoundland Youth Music programs and how music has had a large impact on my life.
Matthew Murphy The Importance of Philosophy in my life. Developing your personal philosophy.
Olivia Rettig The basics of green screen technology and how it has changed the film/television industry.
Natalya Whitla The end of protest and how that relates to us as the generation of the future.
Armaan Marwaha Brain and head injuries are extremely detrimental and they are more important and severe than once thought, so we must take action to do something about it.
Saryuhan Logeswaran Problem solving is has been very important in the history of our civilization, and has too been important to my life. It has influenced the person I am now, and will do so into my future.
Anna Postill My experience traveling abroad inspired me to use the wealth of opportunity I have at home to create a non-profit company to help others in developing nations.