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Shad Speaks!

During the program, you will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation on a topic of your choosing. Select a topic on which you are comfortable speaking. Others will find this topic fascinating once they hear your amazing presentation!

Your Shad Speak may be supported by a PowerPoint presentation, but we are mostly interested in your speaking skills and learning something about you and what you are enthusiastic about. We are not looking to be dazzled by a glitzy media show, instead we want to be dazzled by your passion and your words. Consider a PowerPoint-less Shad Speak!

The instructions are deliberately vague. We do not want to limit your freedom. We want your creativity and passion!

Be sure to prepare your Shad Speak! before the start of the program!

  • Before you come: Submit an abstract of your talk by June 1, 2018┬áto (Please let us know if you need tech or are tech-less)
  • We will provide further details on when presentations occur during July. Typically there are 3-4 presentations per day. You could be called on to present at ANY time, so be ready!

One Example Presentation:

  • Erin Engelhardt | Program Director
    The song of my life
    Music can be uplifting and inspiring; sometimes one song in particular can have such an effect that it can become the theme song of your life. I will speak about the story of the song of my life which has carried me through good times and bad, and given me the strength and motivation to be the best person I can be.